Precision-Small / Medium-sized-Type




NTL-300A is a model of linear vibration units designed for small or medium-sized parts feeding, featured in stable feeding capacity, flexible amplitude and frequency, moderate loaded weight, as well as integrated applications of controllable parameters, which can be applicable in multi-working conditions.

  • Smoothly precisely controlled feeding speed and stability
    achievable with frequency modulation controllers;
  • Particularly suitable for the orientating, sorting and feeding of
    small or medium-sized parts;
  • Selected materials, comprehensive testing with high safety and
    good stability;
  • 3 lines of screw holes on the top to facilitate the position
    adjustment of linear tracks.

NTB- 14 Dimensions

Model Drive mode Vibrator mass(kg) Input voltage(V) Rated currency(A) Vibration frequency(Hz) Max.bowl diameter(mm) Max.loaded weight(kg) Compatible controller
NTL – 300A EM 1.2 0~200 1.5 60~200 300 0.8 SDVC31-S
Model A A1 B B1 C D D1 E M M1 F F1 F2 H L MAX. L1 MAX.
NTL – 300A 122 45 91.4 39 22 70 10 25 4 5 6 40 9.9 56 300 100