Linear track & Conveyor Belt Track

Linear track & Conveyor Belt Track

Fast. Precise. Specialized.

Linear track provides a buffer between the feeder unit and the next machine in the process. It is robust, simple in design, guarantees high uptime and little wear and tear even under extreme conditions.

It’s operates exceptionally smoothly, ensuring minimum wear and tear on components. It can be easily integrated into almost any production system thanks to the open design of the output section. The shaft length, shaft rotation speed, and degree of inclination depend on the manufacturing environment and the product itself.

Tracking via In-Line Linear Feeder is our most popular option. A workhorse designed to provide efficient part storage and transport in a very cost-effective manner. The vibratory straight line drive units we use to provide power for these tracks work on exactly the same principle as our vibrator bowl feeders.

Conveyor belt track are classic type that move pre-sorted components along the production line. They are cost-effective, volume-made solutions that ensure high feeding speed and availability.

In certain applications, conveyor belt tracks, air conveyor tracks might make a more attractive option. Parts are carried from the vibratory parts feeder bowl, centrifugal feeder bowl, stepper feeder, or linear part feeder, to the machine by the action of a belt conveyor track or air conveyor, eliminating the noise inherent in the vibration of a regular vibratory straight line track. This provides a very positive and reliable method to transfer specific families of parts from vibratory parts feeder bowls, centrifugal feeder bowls, stepper feeders, or linear parts feeders to your assembly or work stations