Vibratory Bowl Feeder

Vibratory Bowl Feeder

What We Do

MULTIFEED is a leader in the production of custom Vibratory Bowl Feeder Systems | Bowl Feeder | 振动盘 | เครื่องป้อนชามสั่น | CNC Precision Bowl Feeder | Parts Feeding System) in Malaysia. We have always been synonymous with high quality technology feeding system and our reliability wealth of experience has always be at the forefront of feeding technology.


We are manufacturer a single component or a complete turnkey Parts Feeding System that consist of Vibratory Bowl Feeders | CAD/CAM CNC Machining Bowl Feeder | Step Feeder | Screw Feeder | Any Feeder | 3-Axis Vibration Feeder | Linear Feeder | Hopper Feeding Systems | SINFONIA PARTS FEEDER | AFAG PARTS FEEDER | RNA PARTS FEEDER | DAISHIN PARTS FEEDER | SANKI PARTS FEEDER | CUH Feeder Controllers – anywhere, there is a need to automate the handling and orientation of component parts for high volume production in all areas of industry especially electronics, semiconductors, automotive, cosmetics, medical device, pharmaceuticals, consumer good and even food product industries.


Our Vibratory Bowl Feeder is a custom design, fabrication and built to our customer’s unique requirements. Our services include providing 3D-CAD drawing to our customers to ensure our Parts Feeding System design concept is meets their particular needs with the end result and following installation, our technical service support team are available anytime to provide our best service back up and support.


Vibratory Bowl Feeder can be made of a range of materials, including stainless steel, aluminium with different coatings (Polyurethane, Teflon, Powder, Metaline, Rubber Belting and so on), our professional engineer will selected the best to suit the application. Our Bowl Feeder manufacture is use the tooling to orientate the components, which together with our standard equipment, provides a system ready to integrate with a customer’s further process machinery, packaging and assembly lines.


The bowl top sizes range normally is from 69mm diameter to 1200mm diameter. MULTIFEED represent a complete range of Vibratory Bowl Feeders available from stock, including drive units, bowls, bowl centres, control boxes and additional accessories (stands, base plates, sound covers and sensors). Special requirements are available upon request.


Most of MULTIFEED Bowl Feeder are customized according to customers’ needs. How to achieve the stable operation at a customer’s factory is a major point. However, achieving stable operation is not the only purpose. For MULTIFEED, high quality means to increase the product’s potential, fully capture assembly line capabilities of the customers, and achieve excellent cost performance.


Because we know that persistence to quality is everything , so we are pursuing high quality that exceeds the needs by covering the entire process by ourselves including concept, development, designing, manufacturing, and maintenance.