About Us

We will sort your parts and will feed them for subsequent assembly and machining processes. Our product offer ranges from simple standard components to system solutions to the point of production linking concepts. Here, we especially concentrate on the fast, correctly positioned and gentle feeding, transfer and forwarding of your work pieces. It is our goal to find the best solution for your application.

The following is characteristic of us:

  • Design with 3D-CAD system
  • High degree of standardization
  • High production depth
  • Own control construction
  • High flexibility
  • Customer proximity

This is the only way to realize our high quality and service

Your reputation is more important than
your pay cheque and your integrity is worth
more than your career.

Multifeed Bowl Feeder
– M50 Housing

Multifeed Bowl Feeder
– M51 Spring

Multifeed Bowl Feeder
– M48 Contact Right

Multifeed Bowl Feeder
– M76 Inner Screw Cap