Linear Hopper & Conveyor Elevator Hopper

Linear & Conveyor Elevator Hopper

Linear hopper for small size of quantity parts.

Linear Hopper are used when more parts are required than can be stored in Bowl Feeder Systems including Vibratory or Centrifugal Bowl Feeder. Linear Hopper are available in a variety of sizes, and utilize a special tray design that allows for feeding larger parts in greater quantities. As a standard feature, Linear Hopper are signaled to operate through the use of a non-contact level control device. This allows MULTIFEED Bowl Feeder and Linear Feeders to operate efficiently with a constantly metered supply of parts without the costly attention of plant personnel. All MULTIFEED Linear Hopper are designed to interface with all types of parts handling and Parts Feeding Systems including Vibratory Bowl Feeders.

For large quantities. Cost-efficient. Highly compatible.

MULTIFEED offers a range of solutions for the automatic recharging of sorting and feeding units. Large capacity, and low filling heights ensure process reliability and ease of use.

Conveyor Elevator Hopper are efficient systems for feeding a large variety of different components – from lightweight plastic to heavy steel. Rapid and easy to use, the system’s features include a low filling height and a large capacity.